Why do children have two rows of teeth?

You might see two rows of teeth on a child. At first, you might want to call your Santa Clarita dentist to help alleviate the situation, but in fact, there is a reason for this. You might want to know the truth behind this before you run up to the dentist, for they might tell you what you’re about to hear. This article will go over why a child might have two rows of teeth, and just what it exactly means.

The main reason why, is because this is actually a common issue. When an adult tooth comes under the root of the baby tooth, it actually is what makes it wiggly and then causes it to fall out. However, if an adult tooth comes in behind this, there might be two teeth there. It’s also called shark teeth, since sharks have the same situation.

Now, if a baby tooth starts to move and is loose, and there are adult teeth coming in, then it’s no cause for concern. See if the baby teeth come out first.

Now, if the baby teeth aren’t loose and both of them are the same height, it might be cause for concern, and you might want to consider removal. This is especially important if the tooth is hurting the child in any sort of means, and if the dentist feels that it might be hurting the child’s future health.

Sometimes, having this happen can cause spacing issues, especially later on. If you’re concerned about whether or not this could cause an impact in oral health, then I suggest seeing someone on this. You might need to schedule an appointment with a pediatric oral surgeon, or the dentist themselves, if there’s concern about this and they need to remove this.

However, in many cases, it’s not concern for anyone, and it’s just something that naturally happens. You might be told to wait a bit to see what might happen next. You shouldn’t worry too much. Really, the job of the parent at this point is to look to see how high the teeth are. If they aren’t at height, wait a little bit. It might end up pushing that bottom baby tooth out and the adult ones grow in. you should also ask the child if the teeth are wiggly or not. If they are wiggly, then let the tooth naturally fall out. Sometimes, if a child is messing with it a lot, it will inevitably fall out.

You should also ask the child if there is any pressure or sensitivity. Sometimes, when they grow in, they can push right up against the baby tooth, or they might be right near one another. This could cause pain or discomfort in a child, and if it’s obvious that it’s not coming out through normal means, then it’s important to go see a dentist on this. Often, most Santa Clarita dentists will see you on something like this, and many pediatric dentists can also help if they do need to extract the tooth or not. At the end of the day, it is up to them, and what they believe is best for the child.

As a child grows up, baby teeth start to fall out as they go along. It might look strange, but it’s no cause for concern or alarm. With many people, it can be quite hard to imagine that this is normal, but as a child’s mouth develops, it’s often a big part of it. Now, this could lead to structural and spacing issues if they’re not coming out right away, but if you see that two rows of teeth are there but they’re wiggly and are prone to falling out, the it’s no cause for concern. Just let the tooth naturally come out on its own, and from there, let the child put it under their pillow, and hopefully, they’ll be happy with not only the little prize the tooth fairy gets them, but also for the new, big adult teeth that are showing up, and the ones that they will get to take care of and make sure are kept nice and fresh too.