Why do children have two rows of teeth?

You might see two rows of teeth on a child. At first, you might want to call your Santa Clarita dentist to help alleviate the situation, but in fact, there is a reason for this. You might want to know the truth behind this before you run up to the dentist, for they might tell you what you’re about to hear. This article will go over why a child might have two rows of teeth, and just what it exactly means.
The main reason why, is because this is actually a common issue. When an adult tooth comes under the root of the baby tooth, it actually is what makes it wiggly and then causes it to fall out. However, if an adult tooth comes in behind this, there might be two teeth there. It’s also called shark teeth, since sharks have the same situation.

Now, if a baby tooth starts to move and is loose, and there are adult teeth coming in, then it’s no cause for concern. See if the baby teeth come out first.
Now, if the baby teeth aren’t loose and both of them are the same height, it might be cau…